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Advertising Information:
Description: Increase sales marketing tips

Target Age Group(s):
Any Age

Additional Demographic Information: Majority of subscribers in. USA, CA, AU, UK.

Circulation: 20000+*
*This might not be the most up to date circulation information. Contact the publisher directly for more detailed information.

Advertising Rates: Top Sponsor ad is $97 per insertion TPN & PPP Subscribers 20000+ 10% discount on 1 insertion. 87.30 20% discount on 2 insertion 155.20 30% discount on 3 insertion. 203.70 40% discount on 4 insertion. 232.80 50% discount on 5 insertion. 242.50 Solo ads is $197 per insertion. TPN & PPP Subscribers 20000+ Same discounts as above. We send can send to TopProfits & PPP list only 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Solo ad is $197 per insertion 10% discount on 1 insertion. 177.30 20% discount on 2 insertion 315.20 30% discount on 3 insertion. 413.70 40% discount on 4 insertion. 472.80 50% discount on 5 insertion 492.50 Responder subscription number details available on request

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